by Tereza Tomek

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released November 29, 2013

All songs written by Tereza Tomek (SOCAN 2013)
Recorded, Mixed, and mastered by wizard Corwin Fox at Pleasantville Studio in the magical village of Cumberland, BC.
Sean Barry's harp parts on "Clever Foxes" recorded at Sype Studios, Prague, Czech Republic
Produced by Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek

Album artwork by Tereza Tomek, acrylic on canvas


Corwin Fox: Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Organ, Background vocals
Tereza Tomek: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet
Jake Jenne: Drums, Percussion, Saxes
Jack Roland: Fiddle
Archie Pateman: Double Bass
Doug Cox: Slide Guitar
Christina Zaenker: Cello
Annie Becker: Background Vocals
Joline Baylis: Background vocals
Sean Barry: Celtic harp
Allison Zaichkowski: French horn



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Tereza Tomek Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Saturday
Saturday is a day of mourning
I can't wait to put my black on
Those shiny new threads woven with joy
Saturday is a day of mourning
I can't wait to wear my veil
Conceal my dry eyes from the world

I live to defy you
Because you make it clear you don't think anything can get by you
But as you watch me slip
From your clammy grip
Your temper will boil
And your cold, tired heart will return you into the soil

Saturday is a day of laughter
I can't wait to hear those booming voices from inside this dark room
Saturday is a day of smiling
I can't wait to cry my eyes out
Been saving all my grief and gloom

I live to defy you
Because you make it clear you don't think anything can get by you
But as you watch me slip
from your clammy grip
your anger will rise
and your rusty ships will capsize
and your empire will fall
all the monuments and walls
crumble on your jewelled tomb
as you look up for your savior
But they'll be coming from the ground
You'll finally see who are your saviors
Your transactions will be blocked
Causing massive overstock
Of carbon in your veins
And you'll finally feel the pain
Through the hard stares of the survivors
There's no vaccine for their virus
your temper will boil
And your cold, tired heart
Will return you into the soil

Saturday is a day there'll be a call for submission
but I won't answer anymore
Track Name: The Girl Whose Hair Was On Fire
There once was a girl her hair was on fire
And her eyes were alive with unquenched desire
She was given a bad apple so she swallowed the seeds
They settled inside her and grew into trees

Now the grandest of these settled in her heart
And wouldn’t stop growing love once it had start
Her brain tree budded creativity
And let her see things that others couldn’t see

Long giving branches rose from her palms
To extend the inspired reach of her arms
From the tree on her tongue there were leaves that blew
On her voice to spread words both eloquent and true

But two of these seeds were as bad as they come
And they settled themselves deep into her lungs
Their roots ran deep and they tried to choke out
The life from the tree growing in her heart

Now there was a boy somewhere far away
Whose lung trees were growing stronger each day
But unfortunately he suddenly found
His grand heart tree had been chopped down

He cried when he knew that the end was near
But then suddenly he had an idea
He said “Find me a girl whose hair is on fire
And whose eyes are alive with unquenched desire
Uproot these beings that give me breath
And plant them into her chest”

“Then tell that girl with the flame anew
To go out and live her life for two
And whatever may happen know that this is true
I lived a little longer because of you”

There once was a girl eyes alight with desire
And nothing could stop her spreading fire
Track Name: Carmanah Lighthouse Keeper
I am the keeper of this place
I tell its story and I’ve seen its face
Track every seaborne vessel it has
guided through this moody sea
On whiskey-stained pages
with no living soul's intent to read
Squid ink and bioluminescent flashes
Breaching beasts interrupt the rhythmic crashes

All my life I’ve been living in this lighthouse
Each storm's fury brings me so much glory
Waiting for that next shipment of bottles to arrive with hawk-like eyes

Slow growth the ocean demands
Do you remember when you used to take my hand
We’d explore the dark and lonely caves long battered by the salty spray
Climb winding stairs dreaming of explorers come from far away
Until the spell faded and you felt an urge
To leave on that eternal misguided search


My blood is drained and this salt and malt is creeping in
Body’s crooked and fingers are bent
Think of leaving for the city where I can find a place to stay
In a room above an old bar and drink my last days away
But if you came looking for me
There’s only one place, my son, you’ve ever known me to be

So I’ll end my life here living in this lighthouse
With each storms fury I relive my glory days
Patiently waiting for the wind to bring your voice ears like a spy's
Wind to bring your voice ears like a spy's
Bottles to arrive with hawk-like eyes
Track Name: Seasonal Blues
My doctor told me I’ve got a case of the seasonal blues
But winter don’t last that long
My doctor told me I could use some time in the sun
Some equatorial living
But my six string sounds like an old church organ From the gothic times
And when I walk away the melody haunts me over a Chorus of wind chimes
Leaving me wondering

When did my starry careless nights
Following primal appetites
Stop morphing into sunny carefree mornings
After this starry careless night
Inhibitions are returning
Can someone please tell me what it is I’m mourning

My friends tell me I used to be just a little more fun
Just a little more willing
To let those electron beams permeate my eyes through the hostile static
Now cello playing in the basement is where I want to be
Avoiding the eyes of the prisoners I could set free
Chains clanging that melody

My teacher taught me to reduce all actions to animal instinct
Let evolution kill the magic
Watching them all hop away from their nests with their
feigned broken wings
Fending off predatory glances with alert and stone-cold faces
Primal survival filling all these empty head spaces
No time for wondering

Track Name: Kirov
There’s always been a healthy fear
Glance over the shoulder there and here
Now in the still icy air
You see breath fog everywhere

Was I allowed to breathe
Life into this masterpiece
Just to have it dragged away by the throat
Red scarf trailing

They always worked alone at first
Social rejects eager to quench their thirst
But even the loners will
Work together for the right kill

So innocent now in your sleep
In proverbial fields of sheep
How can I protect you from the way it works
What if I can’t hide you from the wolves that lurk?
Track Name: Clever Foxes
They are lying to you
With their shapeless, unassuming faces spouting unable
to hold my composure tears
Golden hay hair, bronze skin
Teasingly crossed legs flowing from red pencil skirt
Impassioned pleas tweaked with the fine pliers of the craftspeople in the next room

They have an undeniable charm
But mistake not, they are first and foremost survivors
Their spoiled cubs are waiting in their cozy dens to be fed
and they don't like to wait

They earn your trust making you temporarily forget
the fundamental, speciesistic differences between you
Hypnotizing with silky modified voices and pendulum tails
Exploit your inferior analytical skills,
your desperate search for a symbiotic ally
But they will lead you, have no doubt my rabbits
They will lead you to your demise

And when your back collapses under the weight that you offer to carry
Leg breaks as you attempt to keep stride
And the poison from their festering bite has you running from the water
There will be no aide supplies
There will be no experts with answers
There will be no meals arriving by your bed side
There will be no watchful eyes over your children

But in your weakness they will slink in
and take all that you have
Paralyzed with finally opened eyes
Track Name: Uprooted
I know I’m meant to have roots
Stand here unmoving
Propagate offspring
to surround me as I watch them grow ring by ring
And follow in my lack of footsteps

The elders tower over me
Leaning in protectively
And whisper of the things they see
in distant lands so far out of reach
My curiosity piques

But their descriptions are bleak and they warn
Of leafless monsters that reject the sun
And of permanent clouds of grey
That never weep their sorrows away
Never weep them away

But I’ve always felt the sky tugging
Soil churning and turning
Vacuoles crenated and thirsting to drink
From the greatest of lakes and the freshest of creeks
And shrink in the salty ocean

Well something tells me that for this old soul
Things haven’t always been so arboreal
That it knows to stalk, to pounce, to crawl
Senses keen and claws retractable
Feathers stretched out wide to split the wind
Eddies whirling off of dancing fins
Neural pathways taking it all in
No photosynthesizing
No photosynthesizing

'Cause you can be stable and change your colours seasonally
Even bare it all in the cold
But there’s some benefit to losing your mind
Just a little bit I’m told
Track Name: Mythical Creatures
A man came bursting out from the trees
He was so caked with dirt I couldn’t tell what he was wearing
And his glasses were cracked, I couldn’t tell where he was staring
Oh my, oh me

As a doctor of science he introduced himself to me
His hands gestured madly as he told me of
how he’d always had a craving to conquer the unknown
So he left his home and the things he’d known
To see if he could find that which had yet to become reality
And he said to me….

Just when I was starting to believe what I see
The mythical creatures all came out and made a fool out of me
Just when I was gathering the proof that they bleed
They disappeared and once again a fool they left me

My mother told me horses can’t fly
You’ll never see them coming down from the sky
I’m sorry son, but it's not your fate
To have that horned beast of burden carry your weight

And my sister cackled when I claimed
I saw a hairy ape man leaving from his cave
My teacher told me to give it a rest
When I told her I was talking to the troll in my desk

But then one day my friends stopped appearing
As I started caring about the clothes that I was wearing
And replacing them with those of my own kind

But I swear sometimes I still see them leering
At me from the dark woods peering
hints of hostility in their eyes

So I asked the man would he be so kind
To let me join his research mission
so I could back his claims with my own eyes
And sure enough…
Track Name: Lost Causes
Save the bears, save the whales
What does that entail?
Sign me up for whatever won’t be sending me junk mail
Children are crying out in the streets
But keep those wailing faces away from me

Send me a profile and photo in a letter
White Christmas card proves our holidays are better
Much too busy to find out what the cause is
And I’m getting too old for lost causes

Hand blank cheques to the strangers with the clipboard
Just to show our neighbors exactly what we can afford
Watch the monkeys playing with their waste
While thanking the lord that you weren’t born a beast

Take a shower and wash away the world
Scrub your dirty fingers till the water runs cold
Much too tired to find out what the cause is
And I’m getting too old for lost causes

Colonize, imperialize, let misguided souls be
Pointed in the path of the convert zombies
Fill all their empty hearts with fire
Then hose them all down with holy water

Fly across the world to gaze and gawk
So you can tell the story of your culture shock
And how you survived those dusty straw houses
And managed to find your lost causes

Lets all go get sold on lost causes
Track Name: Celebrate Columbus Day
He rode in on his tall ship
Scanning the horizon
For all that reflects shiny yellow into your eyes

But instead he saw their faces
All dull and brown and leather
Wearing rainbow feathers
Curious gazes piercing the sky

He proclaimed himself their savior
Their consonants formed monsters
As bravely he stood listening with Isabella on his mind

Her people they were watching
For scrolls and sails in the distance
For the sweet release of horror
in those gruesome storybook finds

So he summoned up his sailors
To survey his resources
But they came back with no minerals,
just beating hearts in hand

With nothing left to lose but honour
He had the hearts start digging
And they dug and they dug until dark hands lay collapsed
All across the untilled land

Now all the settlers singing softly in the corner
About the cool air with its bittersweet rot
They begged their viceroy for loyalty and mercy
For a new set of dark hands to stir their cooking pots
Invasive ungulates were trampling through their gardens
Stomping out the seeds and the thin walls of their sprouts
And so he sent his ships onto the East to wrangle
some more hearts and hands to restore diminishing stocks

Now on that same faulty landmass
The dark hands are still digging
Digging for their dignity,
Digging for their past

And on those same torque-force waters
The sails are still coming in
Looking for their share
Of that shiny yellow at last

So celebrate Columbus Day
Hero of the high seas
Celebrate your freedom
And celebrate your rights

Raise your glasses to equality
As you wave flags with your children
Just remember the end of encomienda Is still in sight
Track Name: Inspire You
Would you read my diary
If I left it out for you to see
I don’t know the answer so I won’t keep one
And would you go berserk
If I came home late from work
Or would you assume I had important things to do

And at the end of the day
Would I take your breath away
Would your heart beat faster when I call
Would you write songs for me
Late at night when you can’t sleep
Or would I not inspire you at all

Would you let me keep the stray
I’ve been feeding twice a day
Or would you throw it back out on the streets
And when it came suppertime
Would you bitch and moan and whine
If I didn’t want to make you any meat


Could we take many trips
See the world in little bits
Or would fear of flying keep you on the ground
Could we go see lots of shows
Local bands and seasoned pros
Or do you not like your music very loud

Track Name: On the Run
Pictures of Jesus are plastered beside
Mickey mouse and the rolling stone tongue
Wearing Mardi Gras beads and mismatched floral prints
She clenches the shoulders of anyone

I have been down this road before
I have passed this speed bump and school zone
That's how I know I aint on the run

Sweat beads drip down chins and noses
And fall to the sticky floor
Conjugate into a warm salty puddle
And with a jolt roll through the front door

I have been down this road before
Past this sparsely and awkwardly stacked convenience store
That's how I know I aint on the run
Track Name: Return to Sender
If you see me for anything more than I am
I’m begging you please look again
Lock me up in the tallest of towers
Until I let my hair down braided with wilted flowers
And you’ll skeptically climb with your low expectations
There pacing I’ll be cursed with my lack of patience
And you’ll see me trembling and holding my breath
The truth’s in this brick room with four poster bed

If you see me for anything more than I claim
Please slam the door in my face
Heavy footsteps will prove that you’re gone
Disappointed eyes will fade from my memory before long
Give me time and I’ll try to become
Timid and fragile, a beaten dog or newlywed nun
Pictures I wish I’d drawn, songs I wish I had sung
Talking shit to the walls where no medals are hung

If you see me, if you see me again
Biased opinions changed over time
And new insecurities eat me alive
Well I am still thirsting, and I am still thinking
But I’ve yet to take comfort in solitary drinking
And if there is something I think you should hear
You’d better systematically shun me Or lend me your ear

If you see me, if you see me again
I might not be the same person that you remember
But I won’t be labeled return to sender